What is the app that tells you about ethanol-free gas? (2024)

What is the app that tells you about ethanol-free gas?

Pure Gas is a simple front end app for the popular website pure-gas.org. You get a list of 100 ethanol-free gas stations sorted nearest to furthest.

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Is there an app to find ethanol-free gas?

Just found one called "Pure Gas." Play Store. Search "Pure Gas" in the app stores.

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How do you know if gas is ethanol-free?

Put a stopper on it and shake well and allow it to sit until the gas and water separate into different layers. If the water layer is higher up the side of the test tube than it was before you added the gasoline, the gas contains ethanol, the ethanol goes into solution in the water layer and adds to its volume.

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Is there a name for ethanol-free gas?

What Is Recreational Fuel? Some gas stations market ethanol-free 90-octane gasoline as “recreational fuel” or REC-90. Many consumers prefer to use non-ethanol fuel for marine equipment and small engines for lawnmowers, snowblowers, chainsaws, generators, pumps, and the like.

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Is Shell 93 ethanol-free?

Regulation forced companies to increase ethanol in gas. Every premium octane out there now has 10% ethanol in it, Shell included.

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Does 91 octane have ethanol?

Regular gasoline – 87 octane; contains 10% ethanol, known as E10. Mid-grade gasoline – 89 octane; contains 10% ethanol, known as E10. Premium gasoline – 91 octane; will contain up to 10% ethanol.

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Does premium gas have ethanol?

Does Premium Gas Have Ethanol? Some premium gasoline for vehicles will contain ethanol. This is more dependent on whether the gas in question is one of three grades of fuel where ethanol is added: E10, E15, and E85. The number of each corresponds to the percentage of ethanol in each fuel grade.

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Should I switch to ethanol-free gas?

Due to the absence of ethanol in this fuel type, it offers a couple of advantages, including; improved gas mileage, reduced engine damage risk, and a shelf life of up to 6 months.

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How do you test if gasoline has ethanol?

Put on cap and close tightly, then shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Pour the entire contents of the bottle into the graduated cylinder and let stand for 1-2 minutes. Read meniscus level above the (blue) solution and refer to chart for % ethanol in the fuel. (Be sure to read the bottom of the meniscus.)

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Does gas with no ethanol last longer?

Pure Gasoline: Up to 6 Months

Pure gasoline that is petroleum-based without any ethanol will typically last up to six months before it begins to degrade from oxidation rapidly. Pure gasoline doesn't absorb water like other types of gas, which means it's easier for this gas to avoid moisture contamination.

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What cars use ethanol-free gas?

All vehicles and utility engines, powered by gasoline, will operate on ethanol-free gas. In fact they will, generally, get better fuel mileage and produce more power without ethanol in the fuel. (Ethanol contains about 30% less energy than gasoline.)

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How do you remove ethanol from gas?

Ethanol is more soluble in water than it is in gasoline. Therefore, if you add water to the gasoline and vigorously shake it, the ethanol will attach itself to the water. After it sits for a while, the gasoline and water/ethanol will make 2 distinct layers, and you can drain off the ethanol/water in a variety of ways.

What is the app that tells you about ethanol-free gas? (2024)
Should I use ethanol-free gas in my lawn mower?

Choose fuel with the lowest ethanol content possible.

To minimize issues, you should use either ethanol-free gas in your lawn mower or fuel that has the least amount of ethanol content possible. Fuel sold at a gas station is often E-10 gas, which contains 10% ethanol and can be used for your outdoor power equipment.

Is Shell 91 still ethanol free?

I used to get 91 octane from Shell or Canadian Tire as they were the only ethanol-free options I knew of, but from what I can see, it seems like ethanol free has been completely phased out, including Shell.

Does Exxon 93 have ethanol?

Most of our Exxon and Mobil branded gasoline currently contains 10% ethanol, also known as E10 fuel.

Is Shell V-Power unleaded ethanol free?

Shell Regular Diesel and Shell V-Power Diesel both contain up to 7% FAME. Shell Regular Unleaded contains up to 10% ethanol following the governments E10 introduction in 2021, whilst Shell V-Power Unleaded contains no more than 5%.

What octane is 100% ethanol?

The octane rating (Anti-Knock Index, AKI) of normal unleaded gasoline in the United States is 87. The octane rating of pure ethanol is 100. What's interesting is that when ethanol is blended with gasoline, it performs as if its octane rating is 112, making ethanol a very effective octane booster when used in gasoline.

Is ethanol free gas better than premium?

It will make it run with more power, yes. And more efficient because gasoline has more energy per unit than ethanol. It also is more “green” to run pure gasoline. Ethanol is a scam and more energy/emissions goes into making a gallon of ethanol than what you can get out of a gallon of gasoline.

Can I put 91 non ethanol in my car?

No problem at all. Modern cars can cope with either straight gasoline or ethanol-added gasoline. Just use the octane number your engine is designed for. You might even notice a slight improvement in fuel economy - ethanol has less energy per gallon, so ethanol-gasoline has about 4% less energy than straight gasoline.

Do all gas pumps have ethanol?

E10 (10% ethanol, 90% gasoline) is available at nearly every fueling station. There are more than 4,200 public stations in 43 states offering E85 (or flex fuel)—a gasoline-ethanol blend containing 51% to 83% ethanol, depending on geography and season. As of 2023, E15 was sold at more than 3,000 stations in 31 states.

Does all 87 gas have ethanol?

Minimum octane number requirements for gasoline prevent engine knocking and ensure drivability. Lower-octane gasoline is blended with 10% ethanol to attain the standard 87 octane. Ethanol contains less energy per gallon than gasoline, to varying degrees, depending on the volume percentage of ethanol in the blend.

Which gas gives best mileage?

Premium gas can increase fuel efficiency, potentially giving better gas mileage for longer while decreasing emissions, if you have a car designed to run on premium gas.

What is the best gas to put in your car?

Regardless of whether your car calls for regular or premium, the best choice for ongoing performance and economy is a TOP TIER gasoline. Recent AAA testing found TOP TIER gasolines keep internal engine components up to 19 times cleaner than gasolines that only meet minimum EPA standards.

Why is ethanol free gas so expensive?

It's significantly more expensive due to the US subsidies to the people growing corn. Corn is a terrible source of ethanol and the transportation and processing of the corn uses a lot of gasoline so there may be some minute reduction of CO2 at enormous cost to the taxpayer.

What should I do if I accidentally put E85 in my car?

If your car isn't a flex-fuel vehicle and you mistakenly add E85 to your tank, you may notice reduced performance and gas mileage. Your check engine light may also appear, but the mishap likely won't damage the engine. They recommend topping the tank off with regular gasoline several times.


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