Indicum? (2024)


Indicum, Indian in Latin, may refer to: Music.

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What is the meaning of Indicum?

Indicum, Indian in Latin, may refer to: Music.

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What is the rhododendron indicum used for?

Rhododendron is one of the naturally occurring plants which possess various health benefits, such as prevention and treatment of diseases associated with heart, dysentery, diarrhea, detoxification, inflammation, fever, constipation, bronchitis and asthma [4]. The leaves possess effective antioxidant activity.

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What is Heliotropium indicum used for?

The leaf juice is used to treat the stings and boils of scorpions and insect bites. On the other hand, the boiled juice with castor oil is used to treat mad dog bite infections [34]. Moreover, H. indicum is also used to treat rheumatism [35], ulcer, venereal disease, fever, sore throat, and sores in the rectum [36].

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What is the Hatisur plant used for?

The extracted juice from the pounded leaves of the plants is used on wounds, skin ulcers and furuncles. The juice is also used as an eye drop for conjunctivitis. The pounded leaves are used as poultice.

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What is foetida in english?

The species epithet foetida is the female form of the Latin word foetidus, meaning “bad smelling.” It refers to the foul smell emitted by the flowers and leaves, particularly in the summer.

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What is the meaning of sesamum indicum?

sesame, (Sesamum indicum), erect annual plant of the family Pedaliaceae, grown since antiquity for its seeds, which are used as food and flavouring and from which a prized oil is extracted.

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Is rhododendron indicum edible?

Rhododendron indicum - (L.) Sweet. Although no specific mention of toxicity has been seen for this species, it belongs to a genus where many members have poisonous leaves. The pollen of many if not all species of rhododendrons is also probably toxic, being said to cause intoxication when eaten in large quantities[183].

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What are the benefits of Indicum plant?

Oroxylum indicum\ (L.) Kurz has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine in Asia in ethnomedicinal systems for the prevention and treatment of several diseases, such as jaundice, arthritic and rheumatic problems, gastric ulcers, tumors, respiratory diseases, diabetes, and diarrhea and dysentery, among others.

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What is Rhododendron toxic to?

Is Rhododendron Poisonous? Rhododendron plants contain toxic substances called grayanotoxins that are harmful if eaten. Most poisoning cases occur when people eat honey from bees that feed on rhododendron nectar.

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Is heliotropium indicum poisonous?

Heliotropium from helios (sun) and trope (turn) -- flowers turn toward the sun. Some species are considered poisonous (Heliotropium indicum), while others (Heliotropium torreyi) are considered fair browse for sheep and goats. Although apparently not preferred by waterfowl, some incidental use has been documented.

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Is heliotrope poisonous to humans?

Heliotropium arborescens is a tender perennial shrub grown as a summer annual or container plant. In its natural tropical range, it can grow 2 - 6 feet tall by 6 - 8 wide. It is strongly fragrant with a vanilla-like scent. All parts of the plant are poisonous, but toxic to humans only if consumed in large quantities.

Indicum? (2024)
Is heliotrope lavender?

(Heliotrope) Annuals for the extreme heat of the South can be hard to find, let us suggest AUGUSTA Lavender Heliotrope! Clusters of elegant lavender blooms with a white and yellow eye bloom profusely in the heat of the summer.

What are the medicinal uses of Plectranthus barbatus?

The major ethnobotanical uses are for intestinal disturbance and liver fatigue, respiratory disorders, heart diseases and certain nervous system disorders.

What are the benefits of Houttuynia?

This native Asian plant is valued for its medicinal properties and used internally to treat cholera, dysentery, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, blood deficiency, coughs, fever, indigestion and constipation. Externally, Houttuynia cordata is used to treat snake bites and skin disorders.

What is the Banmara plant used for?

Local people use this plant as natural fertilizer. In addition to this, leaf juice is applied for the treatment of cuts and wounds, and root juice is used for the treatment of fever.

Can you eat passiflora foetida?

Although young fruits are toxic and cyanogenic, ripe fruits are edible and taste like Passiflora edulis fruits. Found in the Amazon rainforest and mountain ranges along the coast.

Is Passiflora Foetida toxic?

There is no human poisoning case documented. Theoretically, if poisoning occurs, the clinical features could resemble those of cyanide poisoning.

What is the benefit of Passiflora foetida?

foetida (PF) have been used to treat biliousness and asthma (19), and leaf and root extracts are used to treat hysteria, and in the case of headache, a paste of the leaf is rubbed on the head. The herb is used in lotions or poultices for skin diseases with erysipelas and inflammation in Brazil (20).

Why do Chinese eat sesame seeds?

Sesame seeds are often considered one of the healthiest seeds on the planet and also one of the oldest. There are many evidences that these seeds were used widely by ancient Babylon and ancient Chinese for eradication of age related diseases as well as for preventing premature greying of hair.

Why do Japanese eat sesame seeds?

It is rich in calcium and magnesium, and also contains two important compounds exclusive to sesame; sesamol and sesamin. These natural preservatives help to reduce the risk of various forms of cancer and other illnesses. The high abundance of minerals and cancer-fighting compounds have made these seeds a superfood.

Is sesame good for woman?

Sesame seeds contain phytoestrogens, plant compounds that are similar to the hormone estrogen ( 58 , 59 ). Therefore, sesame seeds might be beneficial for women when estrogen levels drop during menopause. For example, phytoestrogens may help counteract hot flashes and other symptoms of low estrogen ( 60 ).

How much rhododendron is poisonous to humans?

100 to 225 grams of azalea (Rhododendron occidentale) leaves must be eaten to seriously poison a 55 lb child. Andromedotoxins (grayanotoxins) are water-soluble diterpenoid compounds. Leaves and flower nectar (including honey made from plant nectar) are sources of the toxin.

Is it safe to touch rhododendron?

Rhododendrons are commonly found in the Northern hemisphere and are popular plants for landscaping. All parts of the plant are considered toxic.

Can you drink rhododendron tea?

RHODODENDRON TEA FOR IMMUNITY: Tea Rhododendron Flower Tea has various oral health-boosting properties that make your day good and refreshing. With this all-natural flower tea, you can put an end to tea craving with a healthy choice. High in antioxidants, this tisane is an ideal tea for those who love decaf drinks.


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